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Featured Project

Do you ever dream of an island?

Our Featured Projects are usually beautiful completed kitchens or bathrooms.  This month Brighton is going to showcase the heart of the kitchen, the island, where a lot of activities like cooking, preparing, eating, and socializing take place.  Islands are very versatile and able to be configured in many different ways to fit the style of any homeowner.  From simple to custom, Brighton Cabinetry can build you an island that will not only fit your kitchen but your needs.

Solve common kitchen dilemmas with style by using our standard or custom organizers inside your islands to keep clutter at bay.  Clunky items like stand mixers or slow cookers for example, can now have a home inside of designated areas with extra storage in the island. Brighton strives to build items to stand the test of time.

Now that it’s back to school, your island could play catchall to many things … backpacks, morning breakfast, snacks, and a place to do last minute homework.  If there are no school children at home, then not only is your island probably cleaner, but it’s a great place for entertaining visitors.  Having extra seating around your island is a great way to keep guests out of the way while you are preparing items, but it allows for open communication and not isolating anyone!   Or, as a family if you like to cook together, having an island creates that extra countertop space that allows many people to work together to create something delicious.

Cycling through our pictures above you will see a variety of islands that are now in homes.  Each one different, having their own style.  By visiting one of the many talented designers near you, Brighton looks forward to making cabinetry to fit your style and complete your dream look!  Visit our Find a Dealer page to find one near you.