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Featured Project

Just in time for Winter!

When thinking of your new kitchen, Brighton Cabinetry delivers! From our talented designers and amazing build team, we can bring the room you have always dreamed of to you.  No matter the size of the room we can custom build your cabinetry to fill your space!

Today we are showing a stunning painted kitchen.  The outer perimeter is our standard color of Iceberg, and the island is Comfort.   What really stands out in this kitchen are the two custom doors with double arched mullions, the inside of the cabinet was fitted with lights to give off soft lighting showcasing that need to be kept out of reach but easily seen on display.

Islands are a desirable feature in a kitchen with so many uses! In this kitchen the homeowners opted for extra seating and storage.  There is a neat hidden feature of trashcan pullouts on this island, keeping unsightly trash at bay so no one has to look at it until its trash day! Above the pullouts is a handy drawer to stash odds and ends – it seems everyone has the one drawer in their home where all the random things go. This drawer is perfect for that!

We would like to say thank you for taking the time to look over our Brighton website and your interest in our cabinetry.  If you are interested in seeing Brighton Cabinetry in your home, please visit our Find a Dealer page where you can find designers in your area.

Designer: Claudia Gillespie
Location: Cabinet Discounters (Olney)

Specie: Maple
Finish: Iceberg (perimeter) – Comfort (island)
Overlay: FOLC
Doors: Shaker
Drawer: 5pc Flat