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Wake up to a Brand New Kitchen

Happy March everyone! This month we are showcasing a kitchen that appears bigger than it actually is.  This is not the typical build we would normally show.  What makes this kitchen special you might ask?  Well, there are no true upper cabinets.  The homeowners wanted to have a more open and spacious look to their room.  They achieved this by using floating shelves.

Can you believe this kitchen was originally damaged by a flood before the remodel? After seeing these pictures, you might not believe this room was ruined by water.  Thanks to Meredith and her award winning hard work, the homeowners have a brand new space to do all their daily activities.   After speaking with Meredith on her project, I was informed that it was actually the husband that helped with the design on this space.  He is the main cook in the house and they wanted to keep a natural and yet rustic feel to their space.  These shelves are created from Quarter Sawn White Oak, and finished in our Hearth stain.

These shelves are created from Quarter Sawn White Oak, and finished in our Hearth stain.  If your style is more on the visual side and showcasing items, then this alternative look is the way to go! This is creating a look that leaves the area with a feeling of openness and allows for more natural light to come in.  Shelving like this makes decorating easy.  Essentially you can change the look of your kitchen as many times as you want with different colors and styles of displayed items!

No matter what your personal tastes are Brighton Cabinetry can cater to many different styles.  If you are interested in purchasing from Brighton Cabinetry we do have many dealers that sell from the Midwest to the East Coast.  Please take a look at our Find a Dealer Page where you can find a dealer near you!

Designer: Meredith Weiss
Location: Merri Interiors, Inc.  in NY
Photographer: Nicole Larson Photography

Specie: Maple & Quarter Sawn White Oak
Finish:  Iceburg (Maple) & Hearth (QSWO)
Overlay: FOLC
Doors: Fairfield
Drawer: Slab