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Featured Project

A Kitchen to Welcome You Home

After picking this project to be our feature for March, we had the pleasure of getting a little more information from the designer Chris Flynn of Kitchen Associates.  Looking at this beautiful kitchen it is hard to image that it once was a dark stained cherry kitchen! This young family wanted to brighten up the room to make it more functional. They added glass panes to the doors of the upper cabinets to the right and left of the sink. Then had the outer perimeter painted in our Dover finish on the Wabash doors. They feel this look keeps the lines simple yet defined.

The island, which is stained in Zinc, is topped off with a quartz material and has a wainscot back.  It’s considered to be the heart of this family’s home as it shows their warmth and happiness.  Not only is it the place where the children do homework, or where snacks and meals are enjoyed, but also the place where a banner is hung as a WELCOME HOME for their father when he returns from deployment.

Brighton strives to bring the best to your home.  Starting with the highest quality materials and master craftsmen, who can create the one-of-a kind look you want.  Our attention to detail will assure you of the cabinetry that fits perfectly to your needs and tastes.   If you are interested in purchasing Brighton cabinetry please visit our Find a Dealer page to find a dealer near you.

Kitchen Associates Sterling, MA.
Designer: Chris Flynn
Specie: Maple
Doors: Wabash
Drawers: 5-Pc Flat
Finish:  Dover (cabinets) and Zinc (island)