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Three Colors in a Kitchen?!

Having three colors in your kitchen is no longer a designer faux pas. When dreaming up your space it’s all about what will make you love the new room you are in.  Tying colors together is simple. One of the easiest ways to do this is to pick colors from the same shading family.  In this particular kitchen you will see the use of our Tranquil paint on the kitchen cabinetry, and paired with our Spacious Gray on the dining cabinets.  Finally, to bring those beautiful color choices together in a cohesive way, their island is stained in our standard Zinc.  Using a stain allows you to add a little definition and not take away from the natural look of the wood.

Having neutral colors in your home on the main elements provides a sense of warmth and gives you more design freedom to use bolder colors on decorative items.  For example, in the pictures you will notice how the red tones stand out a bit more giving the room a personal touch. These are items that can be switched out often to keep the look different, and make decorating easy.

The shown island is the perfect divider between the two areas of the room.  An island is also the easiest place to prepare and enjoy a quick snack.  Or when preparing the meal, having seating around the island is a great way to keep your guests in the conversation while not hindering your preparations.

Since 1996 Brighton Cabinetry has been providing elegant and functional cabinets for all areas of the home.  After all you invest in your home, you deserve the very best.   Visit our Find a dealer page to locate a dealer near you!


Designer:  Meredith Weiss
Location:  Merri Interiors, Inc.

Specie:  Maple
Finish:  Tranquil (kitchen), Spacious Gray (dining area), and Zinc (island)
Overlay: FOLC
Doors:  Fairfield
Drawers:  Slab