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Featured Project

Spring into your new kitchen!

Spring is upon us and for most it’s time to redecorate with something new. This open spaced kitchen is showing just that.  Both the surrounding cabinetry and the island are painted in custom colors.  Brighton has the ability to finish cabinetry to match any color swatch.  A popular style these days is the slightly worn look; we achieve this look with a technique we call wear sanding.  In the closer view of the island you will see that we have wear sanded the edges where they would naturally wear down and show stain under the paint.

Have a few bulky items that you would like to store away but still want easy access? Try our Appliance Garage. We currently offer two different styles; one that is a door hinged directly to the frame and the other is a lift up style.  Decorate it up a little by adding some glass in place of the center panel and allow your appliances to be seen inside its housing unit.

We are always hearing that the kitchen is the heart of the home.  Maybe you have extra space where you could set up a little work area.  This is a popular trend that is happening as well.  Having your work space in the kitchen could minimize many obstacles.  For instance, maybe you are cooking dinner and working from home at the same time.  Having a work station could allow you to set up a laptop (like shown) and keep dinner from burning on the stove.

As always we believe that after all you have invested you deserve the very best! Check out our Find a Dealer section of our website to locate a dealer near you!

Designer: Craig Teitsma – Craig Allen Designs
Specie: Maple
Finish: Custom
Overlay: Inset Concealed
Doors: Neoga Ridge Raised
Drawer: 5pc Flat
Inside Bead: Elite
Panel Raise: MBead