Environmental Statement

Here at Brighton Cabinetry we are firmly committed to protecting our environment by educating our associates and our partners of our preference to purchase and manufacture products, which are environmentally considerate and are from sustainable sources. We realize the importance of replenishing the natural resources used in our industry. Also, we recognize the importance of treating our environment with respect while manufacturing our products. It is our preference to use recycled or renewable materials whenever possible.


Brighton's Commitment

Our desire is to provide high quality custom cabinetry at competitive prices while maintaining outstanding credibility, unmatched customer service, and a basis for a comfortable living for those who help contribute to our success.Brighton Cabinetry, Inc. has been providing custom cabinetry to customers across the Midwest and along the East Coast for two decades.

From stylish simplicity to decorative elegance, Brighton Cabinetry offers endless possibilities for personal expression.