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Three Colors in a Kitchen?!

  • Location: Merri Interiors, Inc.
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  • Designer: Meredith Weiss
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Having three colors in your kitchen is no longer a designer faux pas. When dreaming up your space it’s all about what will make you love the new room you are in.  Tying colors together is simple. One of the easiest ways to do this is to pick colors from…

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About Brighton Cabinetry Neoga, IL

2016 is an exciting year for everyone at Brighton Cabinetry. It marks the 20th year that we have been providing cabinetry to customers across the Midwest and along the East Coast.

  • Brighton Unlimited Warranty
  • KCMA Certified Cabinet
  • KCMA Environmental Stewardship Program

Make It Completely Custom

Over the years, Brighton Cabinetry has offered a variety of accessories that add value to your cabinets. We have access to a wide range of well-known suppliers in the cabinetry industry. While you will find a number of enhancements throughout our catalog, there are still many items not specifically listed here. Please feel free to contact an Authorized Brighton Cabinetry Dealer for a quote on any accessory for your cabinet that you do not see within our catalog.

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